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Fish Pond ~ Click & Collect Available Adoptables

Available Adoptables

This page lists all of the adoptables available to you. Adoptables that are not available due to restrictions or promo code requirements are not shown. If you have a promo code, you may enter it on the Promo Code Page to get that adoptable.

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Available Adoptables

Feeder Fish - 1 Pond Points.

A very common and cheap fish, normally fed to other fish. Feeder Fish are most commonly small goldfish, and are often used as a carnival prizes.
Male Veiltail Betta - 40 Pond Points.

The beautiful and deadly Male Betta. A gem for any pond owner, but one that is best left by itself.
Female Veiltail Betta - 30 Pond Points.

The much more docile, though less flamboyant, female betta does well with other community fish. Be careful housing with a male until she is ready to breed!


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